Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book cargo on Raya Airways?

You can book through email at customer.service@rayaairways.com or call our general line +603 7884 9898.

How do I send cargo with Raya Airways ?

If this is your first time, you have to register with us first using our registration form which we will email over to you.  You will need to provide information, among others, your company details and cargo details.  The information provided are strictly confidential.

How do I submit cargo on Raya Airways?

You can submit your cargo with complete documentation such as invoice, packing list and Airway bill upon submission of cargo.

How long does it take for Raya Airways to process my request?

All complete submissions will be processed within 24 hours and we will notify you via email and phone call to notify you the date and time for you to make delivery arrangements of your cargo to our airline complex.

What will the charges be?

Generally, charges will depend on:

  • Size
  • Quantity
  • Destination
  • Customs clearance and other additional fees imposed by regulators
  • Terminal charges is RM 0.25/kgs and X Ray Charges RM 0.15/kgs will be applicable for all stations within Malaysia.

Commercially, our charges are competitive within the market standards and we take additional steps to ensure safety and timely delivery of all our cargo.

What will be the payment method?

For Non-IATA CASS member, payment can be made either by COD/Blank Cheque. For COD arrangements, after the cargo lands in the destination airport, it will be kept in the warehouse facilities and will be released upon payment clearance.

How long does it take to deliver cargo?

Delivery duration depends on the type of service you select:

  • Express delivery service will be made the next day after all documentations are completed
  • Normal delivery service will take 2-3 days subject to space availability
  • For Express service cargo will be uplifted within 1 day upon cargo submission however as for general service cargo will be uplifted 2-3 days subject to space within 2-3 days upon submission

Where does Raya Airways fly to?

We provide an extensive coverage within Asia, and we are continuously expanding our routes and coverage to ensure we provide an array of attractive destinations to our customers. We also make special arrangements with other airlines to ensure your cargo reaches the destination that is not within our coverage area.

Can Raya Airways handle unique cargo like pets, and other perishable items?

Raya Airways is capable of handling and transporting unique cargo including pets, livestock, and perishable items. At Raya Airways, we ensure care in all our delivery to ensure a safe and timely delivery of all our cargo.

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